15 October 2007

If life is a highway, why can't I drive?

How does one develop a passion in life? You know, that drive that pushes you to be better then you are.

The reason I ask is b/c I’ve decided that I have none. Yep. No drive. No passion. No desire to better myself. It’s kind of depressing actually. I find myself talking about all of these great things I want to do and all these changes I want to make and then when it comes to following through with these amazing plans…I choke. I just don’t care enough to actually get off my lazy butt and make something happen. Then, I actually have the nerve to talk about how crappy my life is.

So this brings me back to my initial question. How do I get the drive? That self-motivation to be a better person.

I guess I’ll just sit here, do nothing and think about it some more…that seems to be the theme of my life lately.


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