12 November 2008

Me? Spin Class?

For those that don't know me, I'm a former college athlete. I played post on the basketball team and loved banging down low with the other big girls. Well...it's been a few years since I've graduated and there's not as many opportunities to play. Can I just say that I HATE RUNNING. Unless it's sprinting up and down the court, no thanks to long distance.

The point of all this, is that if I don't do some type of cardio, I'm going to start packing on the pounds. It's one thing to be a tall girl, but it's another thing to be a big tall girl. haha

Last week I enrolled in a Spin Class at the gym (please note that I've had a membership to this gym for 2 years and have gone maaaaybe 12 times. yikes). Can I just say, that this class pretty much rocks my world! I definitely recommend it. You go at your own pace and can burn up to 500 CALORIES/HOUR. Did you hear me?? 500 CALORIES! Yes, please!

Moral of the story: If you are looking for a creative and fast way to slim down, take the spin class...even if your boss ends up showing up to participate, like mine did. ha.

Wanna find out more about spinning? Check out this video:

11 November 2008

Definition of a Veteran

A couple years ago, my definition of a veteran was an old man with gray or no hair, hanging out at the VFW, reminiscing about the good ol' days of nickelodeons and 5 cent/gallon gasoline, while exchanging war stories over a cup of coffee.

Today, I have a totally different view. Since September 11th, our country will never be the same. People my age, joined the Military to fight for this country and to protect my freedom. Many of these young men and women are now coming back from 1, 2 or even more tours in Iraq or Afghanistan to fight this War on Terror. Some wounded mentally and some physically, these 20 somethings are the new Veterans.

As a society, I can't stress to you the importance of recognizing and respecting the Veterans of the United States of America. Whether you come across a weathered man who served in WWII, or an ambitious 20 something who's just been discharged...thank them. Thank them for not only their service, but their bravery and the sacrifice that they've made, by choice, so that you and I can be free.

04 November 2008


Why is it that as we get older, our ambitious nature gets smaller?

When I was a child, my dream was to be the President of the United States. As I grew older and made my way through high school and college, I brought the dream down a notch and wanted to be a news anchor. Today, I've settled for sitting in a cubicle every day.

Is it because as we get closer to the time where we actually have to take a risk, go out on a limb, be forced out of our comfort zone, or actually work hard to accomplish something, the fear within us takes over, causing us to settle for "easy?"

As a child, we have the drive to do anything. The innocence and naivety to believe that the world is a great place with limitless possibilities. As I sit here reflecting on this thought as an adult, I realize that the world is indeed a place with limitless possibilities. My fear of failure has pulled the reigns on my ambition.

I'm so thankful for the scripture that says in Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Not some things, but everything... even becoming President. Hey, it is election day- Vote for me! ha.

15 October 2008

A Higher Standard

Do you have someone in your life that you hold to a higher standard than everyone else? Spiritually, they are the one that you turn to for guidance and direction, and also the one you shy away from if you mess up, b/c you would hate more than anything for that person to think any less of you. While at the same time, you know they would never think less of you b/c they are so spiritually, morally, ethically sound, that they would never judge.

What happens when that person in your life messes up? When they fall from this pedestal you have put them on?

This has happened to me a couple times in my life all within the last 6 months. Both situations totally caught me off guard b/c they were “big” things. How dare these people that I so looked up to, turn around and make choices that clearly, they would have warned me against if the roles were reversed? Then I started thinking…is it really fair to judge these people on a different scale than everyone else? If “Joe Heathen” did the same thing, I wouldn’t think twice, because he’s, well, a heathen! But when a spiritual mentor makes a mistake, the world seems to be a darker place. Talk about pressure! it clearly says in Romans 3:23 that: “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Ah ha-- everyone sins. Of course, as Christians, we are to strive to be like Jesus and not give into our sinful nature. But when it comes down to it, even those spiritual leaders in our lives stumble. The question is, will we be there for them to pick them back up?

We all have lapses in our judgment and we all need the support of fellow Christians to encourage us, pray for/with us and to lift us back up. So next time you encounter similar situation, remember we are all human and nobody’s perfect.

02 October 2008

It took me 2 minutes

Click HERE to register to vote. It's super easy and only took me 2 minutes...

And...the Treasury announce the new dollar bill today:


06 June 2008

I wanna set the world on fire

I found myself to be in a bit of a funk lately...and I don't exactly love it.

I'm very content with my life, but I can't help but feel like there's more for me out there. Like God has bigger things for me. Is He preparing me right now, or have I gotten lazy in my aspirations?

Like I said, I'm content with my life, but is that enough?

I came across this song tonight by Britt Nicole and the following lyrics really struck a chord with me...

"Take my dreams, come and give them wings.
Lord with you, there's nothing I cannot do.

I wanna set the world on fire,
until it's burning bright for You.
It's everything that I desire,
Can I be the one You use?"

23 May 2008

A Poem

The purchase of my shirt I thought worthwhile,
Until a man asked if I was with child.

No words could I mutter,
I only could stutter,

This type of shirt is in style?

11 April 2008

Jay Leno and Ungratefulness

Not sure how accurate this is, but I got it in a forward and thought it was worth sharing. I'm all about the perspective...

Jay Leno on President Bush (Surprising)

Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see....

As most of you know I am not a President Bush fan, nor have I ever
been, but this is not about Bush, it is about us, as Americans, and it seems
to hit the mark
'The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across som
Poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given
the source, right?
The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are
unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the
country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In
essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change.
So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking,
' What are we so unhappy about?''

A.. Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a
day, 7 Days a week?

B.. Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in
the summer and heating in the winter?

C.. Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a

D.. Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any
time and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen
in the last year?

E.. Maybe it is the ability to drive our cars and trucks from
the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without having to
present identification papers as we move through each state?

F.. Or possibly the hundreds of clean and safe motels we would
find along the way that can provide temporary shelter?

G.. I guess having thousands of restaurants with varying cuisine
from around the world is just not good enough either.

H. Or could it be that when we wreck our car, emergency workers
show up and provide services to help all and even send a
helicopter to take you to the hospital.

I.. Perhaps you are one of the 70 percent of Americans who own
a home.

J.. You may be upset with knowing that in the unfortunate case
of a fire, a group of trained firefighters will appear in
moments and use top notch equipment to extinguish the
flames, thus saving you, your family, and your belongings.

K.. Or if, while at home watching one of your many flat screen
TVs, a burglar or prowler intrudes, an officer equipped with
a gun and a bullet-proof vest will come to defend you and
your family against attack or loss.

L.. This all in the backdrop of a neighborhood free of bombs
or militias raping and pillaging the residents. Neighborhoods
where 90% of teenagers own cell phones and computers.

M.. How about the complete religious, social and political
freedoms we enjoy that are the envy of everyone in the world?

Maybe that is what has 67% of you folks unhappy.

Fact is, we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats
the world has ever seen. No wonder the world loves the U.S. ,
yet has a great disdain for its citizens. They see us for what
we are. The most blessed people in the world who do nothing but
complain about what we don't have, and what we hate about the
country instead of thanking the good Lord we live here.

I know, I know. What about the president who took us into war and has no
plan to get us out? The president who has a measly 31 percent approval
rating? Is this the same president who guided the nation in the dark days
after 9/11? The president that cut taxes to bring an economy
out of recession? Could this be the same guy who has been
called every name in the book for succeeding in keeping all the
spoiled ungrateful brats safe from terrorist attacks? The
commander in chief of an all-volunteer army that is out there
defending you and me?

Did you hear how bad the President is on the news or talk show?
Did this news affect you so much, make you so unhappy you
couldn't take a look around for yourself and see all the good
things and be glad? Think about it......are you upset at the
President because he actually caused you personal pain OR is it
because the 'Media' told you he was failing to kiss your sorry ungrateful
behind every day. Make no mistake about it.

The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have volunteered to serve, and
in many cases may have died for your freedom. There is
currently no draft in this country. They didn't have to go.
They are able to refuse to go and end up with either a
''general'' discharge, an 'other than honorable'' discharge or,
worst case scenario, a ''dishonorable'' discharge after a few
days in the brig.

So why then the flat-out discontentment in the minds of 69
percent of Americans?

Say what you want but I blame it on the media. If it bleeds it
leads and they specialize in bad news. Everybody will watch a
car crash with blood and guts. How many will watch kids
selling lemonade at the corner?
The media knows this and media outlets are for-profit
corporations. They offer what sells, and when criticized, try to
defend their actions by 'justifying' them in one way or another.
Just ask why they tried to allow a murderer like O.J. Simpson
to write a book about how he didn't kill his wife, but if he
did he would have done it this way......Insane!

Turn off the TV, burn Newsweek, and use the New York Times for the bottom
of your bird cage. Then start being grateful for all we have as
country. There is exponentially more good than bad. We are among
the most blessed people on Earth and should thank God several times
a day, or at least be thankful and appreciative.' 'With hurricanes,
tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms
tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird
flu and terrorist attacks, 'Are we sure this is a good time to take God out
of the Pledge of Allegiance?'
> Jay Leno

Awkward Moments in the Bathroom...

So as you all know, I’m quite the tall girl. For those of you that don’t know, I’m 6ft. I also really enjoy wearing high heels to work. The other day, I’m in the bathroom minding my own business unzipping my pants and this lady comes in (who shall remain nameless) and immediately starts laughing at me. Is it my fault that my head completely sticks out above the stall? Am I supposed to hunch over while zipping and unzipping? AWKWARD. Then the next day, I’m sitting down taking care of business and another lady walks in and goes “hey Megan!” She happened to notice the hot pink shoes I was wearing and felt the need to call me out mid pee. Is there no privacy in this world anymore? Can a girl not have a few moments to herself? Sitting, standing, hunching…I can’t win.

Solution? I got nothin’. Help!

Disclaimer: I do apologize for blogging about using the restroom. I’m sure that’s a mental picture no one wants inflicted upon them, but since there’s about 2.5 people that actually read this…I think we’re gonna be just fine. ;)

Happy Friday!

Oh yea…and how about them Brewers!?! J.J. Hardy is lookin' pretttty good this season dontcha think?

13 March 2008

Not that you need anymore proof...

I think everyone that knows me, also knows about my love for a legend I like to call Brett Favre. Rather it be his amazing throwing arm, rugged good looks or good deeds in the community, this man has a little something for everyone. And not that you need anymore proof to confirm his greatness, but just in case you aren't convinced, check this out...

Wisconsin legislature passes resolution honoring Favre

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin state legislature officially bid farewell to Brett Favre on Tuesday, passing a resolution honoring the former Green Bay Packers quarterback and the NFL's only three-time most valuable player.

The resolution honors Favre for leading the Packers to a victory in Super Bowl XXXI and breaking the league records for passing touchdowns, completions, attempts and quarterback victories.

"Brett Favre's legacy will live on beyond his many impressive records and statistics, as his leadership and love of football embody the heart of America's favorite game, earning him the respect and admiration of his fellow players, coaches and fans," the resolution said.

The resolution also commends Favre for his charity work through the Favre Fourward Foundation, which he set up in 1996 to help poor and disabled children in Wisconsin and Mississippi, Favre's home state. It also mentions the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which his wife created to help women fight breast cancer.

Both the state Assembly and Senate adopted the resolution on unanimous voice votes. Favre did not attend either proceeding.

Rep. Phil Montgomery, R-Green Bay, was the resolution's chief sponsor in the Assembly. Montgomery praised Favre for getting the Packers in the playoffs repeatedly and providing an economic boom to the state. Some Republicans in the chamber applauded that remark.

Montgomery told the chamber he met Deanna Favre for the first time in 1998, when he was going door-to-door campaigning.

He came to the Favres' home, but no one answered the door. He left a brochure and was turning around to leave when he saw Deanna Favre come out to get the garbage cans.

He introduced himself as a candidate for the state Assembly, but she told him "'No, thank you. I vote in Mississippi,'" Montgomery said, imitating her southern drawl.

The lawmaker said he met Favre himself during a push for a referendum for public money for Lambeau Field renovations. Favre would go to high school football games and hand out leaflets about the renovations and signed autographs on "everything" people gave him, he said.

"They (the Favres) will be tremendously missed, not only in my community but throughout the state," Montgomery said.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press

19 February 2008

I hope you like it

So, I realize that I've been a bit of a "Debbie Downer" lately.


I would like to apologize.

On a much lighter note, I want to share with you some music. Isn't it amazing how much music can speaks to our souls? Man, I love it.

My absolute favorite artist in the world (literally), is Missy Higgins. She is an Australian artist that came on the scene down under a few years ago. I actually heard her for the first time on my plane ride to Australia in 2005. I was instantly hooked. Her first album is called "The Sound of White." Do you have a cd that you literally and truly love EVERY song on it? A hard treasure to find, this is mine. I love and hate how music can bring out so much emotion both good and bad, happy and sad. I recommend "Scar" and "10 Days" off of this record.

You may want to know what kind of music this is...well it's kind of an indie, folk, acoustic mix. Check out Missy Higgins on youtube or myspace.

Missy's newest album is called "On a Clear Night" and trust me, she doesn't disappoint. "Steer" is my favorite track on this disc.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. I'm ridiculously happy to announce, that just last week I found out that she is touring in the US and I GOT TICKETS. She'll be in Chicago in a few weeks and folks, I might just cry upon my first MH siting. lol

Wow. I think this might just be the most time and effort I've put into a post. Just think how great it could be if I knew people actually read this. ;) Enjoy the music...

18 February 2008

Oh yea...

This one is a shout out to my fan...


Singleness is in the eye of the beholder?

Before I start my singles rant…check out my new blog: http://meganandkellyrock.blogspot.com. It’s a compilation of poems me and my girl Kelly write back and forth to each other when we probably should be working. Please don’t think that we think we are actually poets. Haha…

NOW, on to the rant….

In the past I’ve always pretended that Valentines Day didn’t bother me. I was fine with being single and didn’t even notice the excessive amounts of pink and red.

So this past Thursday, I had no date. Sad, I know. So I decided to go to the mall and shop away my sorrows…by myself. I couldn’t help but feel like everyone there was judging the girl who was all by herself at the mall on V-day. *sigh*

Then, just when I think I’m in the clear Pastor decides to preach yesterday on the joy of singleness. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Tell me how can one get a whole sermon off of 2 or 3 verses that Paul tries to convince everyone that it’s cool to be single? Where else in the Bible, what other book, what other person talks about the beauty of singleness? Sorry, I’m not amused or convinced. Yea yea, Jesus was single and so were a lot of others, but they definitely weren’t preaching against the other option (marriage).

Another thing that really yanks my chain, is that days after Valentines Day, tv commercials, pastors and people in general are still talking about it. Get over it people.

On top of all that, my mother has the nerve to get on the phone last night and tell me how badly she wants grandchildren. Can I find a freakin’ man first? Geez. Talk about pressure.

You know, in the secular world its normal to be single and embrace it, love it even, until your almost 30. In this joyous Christian society, if your 24 almost 25, it’s like your eggs are gonna freakin’ rot or something. Thanks Jesus freaks, for making me feel like a big loser.

The sad part is that if I wasn’t surrounded on a daily basis with married and pregnant people, it seriously wouldn’t bother me, but lately I feel like I’m saturated with it and I don’t love it.

I’m really not bitter, I promise. ;)

08 February 2008


I really can't stand it when people offer me the mundane "Hey! How are you doing today?" but at the same time, I can't seem to stop doing it myself. It's like word vomit that I have no control over.

They don't really care, I don't really care-we're not fooling anyone, so why pretend?

I mean seriously, what are the chances that everyone is as "good" as they say they are EVERY time I see them? Not likely.

From now on I'm going to be "superfantastic."

02 February 2008

Little Perks of Being a Christian

As a Christian, I choose to surround myself with those with similar beliefs. With that being said, one of the perks of being a Christian and having other Christians in your life is that when you don't even know it, someone is praying for you. There are times in our lives where we feel completely alone and frusturated with our situations and then someone will come up to us and say "hey, I'm praying for you." Those simple little words and that simple little act can make all the difference.

Now I'm not saying that this happens all the time, but when it does, it feels like a little reminder from God that we aren't all alone and there are others that care.

This happened to me the other day at work from a lady that I've talked to maybe 2 other times. But during one of those convos I shared with her something (not that serious) that was going on in my life and when I saw her at work yesterday she asked me how it was going and told me she had been praying about it. Wow. I was completely taken back by this Christian gesture.

It's kinda sad that I was so surprised by this b/c I think that sometimes we forget that its our duty as Christians to pray and uplift our fellow brothers and sisters. It's so easy to get caught up in our own problems and lives that "I" and "me" end up being the only topic during our prayer time.

I challenge you to remember convos you have with people, pray for them and every once in a while tell them you're praying for their situation. You have know idea what those few little words can do for the soul.

ahhhh yes, the perks of being a Christian. lol

♥ Song I la la la love right now: New Soul by Yael Naim
♥ Artist I'm diggin': Kate Voegele
♥ Sport I'm finding more and more interesting: Rugby ;)
♥ What I'm obsessed with on Facebook: Scrabalicious and bumper stickers. ha!
Book I'm reading right now: He's Just Not That Into You


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