About this tall girl...

I'm awesome? No wait, I am awesome. Don't believe me? Here's why:

I'm 6' tall.
I like basketball.
I'm from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
I attended college in Springfield, MO on a basketball scholarship.
Currently I'm getting my masters in sports management.
I love Jesus but don't always go to church.
I work as an admissions advisor.
I love books but don't like to read.
My favorite singer is Missy Higgins.
Brett Favre is my future husband.
I love Milwaukee Brewers Baseball.
If I don't paint my nails, I bite them off.
I can't sing or play any instruments.
I drink way too much pop, soda or soft drinks.
I spend too much time on a computer.
I'm a big fan of sarcasm.
My temprupedic pillow changed my life.
Not sure that I know how to spell temprupedic.
I don't ever get sick of pizza.
I don't eat seafood.
My "secret dream" is to be a motivational speaker.
I wear Brittney Spears perfume- don't judge me haha.
I have to litereally make myself work out.
My favorite color is pink.
I love watching 20/20........


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