12 January 2012

How To Be A Hipster

Ok, so the other night I was out with this (super cute) boy in Milwaukee.  As we were parking, he informed me that this part of town was where all the "hipsters" hang out.  I immediately chuckled to myself as I remembered an episode of the show "Happy Endings" where they went over the rules of being a hipster.  Seriously, this stuff is funny.  And even funnier, these people exist in real life.  Believe me.  I lived it.

For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, here are the hipster rules. Be sure to watch the clip below.  It's hysterical!  Wait. Hipster talk- It's whatev. I'm over it.
1.  Never try.  Never put effort into anything
2.  Only like things that are ironic (i.e. books, movies, tv shows, the environment.
3.  Never show too much enthusiasm.
4.  Everything is dumb.  



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