14 December 2007

Um, how do i respond to that?

The following is a list of weird and awkward things that weird and awkward people have said to me at work. *Disclaimer: some of the people mentioned are not in fact, weird and awkward, just mean. you know who you are. :)

(Guy opens door for me)
Me: "Thank you"
Guy: "You are welcome, I'd do the same thing for a short girl."
Me: "Well, I guess thank you for not discriminating."

"Why do you wear heels when you are already so tall?"

(Guy to Linda Smith when she asked him to carry a package)
"Why do you need my help when you have this big 'ol girl up here."

(Day I wore a skirt)
"Wow, she does have legs!"

(Day I wore pink shirt and shoes)
"Look at that, stinky pinky!"

(Getting on the elevator)
Me: "looks like I beat you to the button"
Guy: "Well it wouldn't take much on a day like today"
(Then guy bangs his head against the wall and slides down)

Chaplain: "I'm teaching a class on Wiccan, would you mind coming in so I can show them what a real witch looks like?"

Chaplain: "Do you need some money to buy a new sweater so you don't have to keep wearing your little sister's?"

Guy: "Are you sure Megan is a Christian?" (After Barb told him I would be canvassing with her for the block party)

A different guy: "I don't work with girls that are more than 6 inches taller than me."

Some other dude: "Just when you think your day can't get any worse..." (Approaching me while giving a tour to new employees)

(While I'm pushing a heavy cart with Valla)
Valla: "We need a man"
Another guy: "Well Valla you don't, but Megan does"


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