26 June 2007


When is it time to move on? move forward? or do we just wait? When you get to a point of complete frusturation and you know you have more to offer the world than what you've been doing, what are you supposed to do? Yea I know, the obvious answer is to pray for direction. My whole life has been praying for direction. I know it has gotten me this far, but lately it's gotten to a point where this wall I keep running into will not fall down. I'm stuck, and honestly, my shoulder is starting to hurt...

In life, how does one distinguish between waiting on God for direction and just settling for mediocrity?

I should be working, but instead...

An addicting way to waste your time...


25 June 2007

The much anticipated first blog

Well here we are. Actually here I am, I don't think I have any fans yet. YET is the key word here. You are gonna love me.

Back in the day (a couple years ago), I was big into the whole blogging thing. Yes, I was in college and who really studies in college anyways, so... I blogged. There were days I would try to get all deep and sentimental and meaningful, but let's face it, I really am "about as deep as a puddle." But, at least I know it.

Then came the myspace and the facebook and I turned my back on the art of the online journal. But I'm back and better than ever. I've found that I miss the substance of the blog. I want to unleash my not-so-deep thoughts to the world... as boring, exciting, sad, lame, ridiculous, sarcastic or hilarious they may be. But for now, that's all I got. It's 10:00 pm on a Monday night and I'm going to bed. I can tell you are already thinking to yourself, "this girl is cooler than I thought."

Till next time,


♥ Overused words of the moment: "Lame" and "Precious." I just can't stop!
♥ CD I'm diggin' this week: Scar, by
Missy Higgins. She's from Australia and pretty much rocks my world.
♥ HOT new artist (also Australian): Amy Pearson

Movie that wasted 90 minutes of my life tonight that I can never get back: Team America

And one final thought:

Why is it that our perception of the quality of our life is so easily altered by such small things?


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