25 June 2007

The much anticipated first blog

Well here we are. Actually here I am, I don't think I have any fans yet. YET is the key word here. You are gonna love me.

Back in the day (a couple years ago), I was big into the whole blogging thing. Yes, I was in college and who really studies in college anyways, so... I blogged. There were days I would try to get all deep and sentimental and meaningful, but let's face it, I really am "about as deep as a puddle." But, at least I know it.

Then came the myspace and the facebook and I turned my back on the art of the online journal. But I'm back and better than ever. I've found that I miss the substance of the blog. I want to unleash my not-so-deep thoughts to the world... as boring, exciting, sad, lame, ridiculous, sarcastic or hilarious they may be. But for now, that's all I got. It's 10:00 pm on a Monday night and I'm going to bed. I can tell you are already thinking to yourself, "this girl is cooler than I thought."

Till next time,


♥ Overused words of the moment: "Lame" and "Precious." I just can't stop!
♥ CD I'm diggin' this week: Scar, by
Missy Higgins. She's from Australia and pretty much rocks my world.
♥ HOT new artist (also Australian): Amy Pearson

Movie that wasted 90 minutes of my life tonight that I can never get back: Team America

And one final thought:

Why is it that our perception of the quality of our life is so easily altered by such small things?

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