11 November 2008

Definition of a Veteran

A couple years ago, my definition of a veteran was an old man with gray or no hair, hanging out at the VFW, reminiscing about the good ol' days of nickelodeons and 5 cent/gallon gasoline, while exchanging war stories over a cup of coffee.

Today, I have a totally different view. Since September 11th, our country will never be the same. People my age, joined the Military to fight for this country and to protect my freedom. Many of these young men and women are now coming back from 1, 2 or even more tours in Iraq or Afghanistan to fight this War on Terror. Some wounded mentally and some physically, these 20 somethings are the new Veterans.

As a society, I can't stress to you the importance of recognizing and respecting the Veterans of the United States of America. Whether you come across a weathered man who served in WWII, or an ambitious 20 something who's just been discharged...thank them. Thank them for not only their service, but their bravery and the sacrifice that they've made, by choice, so that you and I can be free.

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