11 April 2008

Awkward Moments in the Bathroom...

So as you all know, I’m quite the tall girl. For those of you that don’t know, I’m 6ft. I also really enjoy wearing high heels to work. The other day, I’m in the bathroom minding my own business unzipping my pants and this lady comes in (who shall remain nameless) and immediately starts laughing at me. Is it my fault that my head completely sticks out above the stall? Am I supposed to hunch over while zipping and unzipping? AWKWARD. Then the next day, I’m sitting down taking care of business and another lady walks in and goes “hey Megan!” She happened to notice the hot pink shoes I was wearing and felt the need to call me out mid pee. Is there no privacy in this world anymore? Can a girl not have a few moments to herself? Sitting, standing, hunching…I can’t win.

Solution? I got nothin’. Help!

Disclaimer: I do apologize for blogging about using the restroom. I’m sure that’s a mental picture no one wants inflicted upon them, but since there’s about 2.5 people that actually read this…I think we’re gonna be just fine. ;)

Happy Friday!

Oh yea…and how about them Brewers!?! J.J. Hardy is lookin' pretttty good this season dontcha think?


Becky Noël said...

I hear ya, Sista! Fitting rooms are another place where I feel the whole privacy idea just flies out the window. Lame!

Meg B said...

Ahhhhhhhh the discrimination! *I say as I'm sitting here in my 4" heels. haha!

greekphysique said...

I was at the Brewers game on Monday. Nice win and a good time too (tailgating).

Steimel said...

I've been there! Although not as tall as you, but I have been there!


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