18 February 2008

Singleness is in the eye of the beholder?

Before I start my singles rant…check out my new blog: http://meganandkellyrock.blogspot.com. It’s a compilation of poems me and my girl Kelly write back and forth to each other when we probably should be working. Please don’t think that we think we are actually poets. Haha…

NOW, on to the rant….

In the past I’ve always pretended that Valentines Day didn’t bother me. I was fine with being single and didn’t even notice the excessive amounts of pink and red.

So this past Thursday, I had no date. Sad, I know. So I decided to go to the mall and shop away my sorrows…by myself. I couldn’t help but feel like everyone there was judging the girl who was all by herself at the mall on V-day. *sigh*

Then, just when I think I’m in the clear Pastor decides to preach yesterday on the joy of singleness. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Tell me how can one get a whole sermon off of 2 or 3 verses that Paul tries to convince everyone that it’s cool to be single? Where else in the Bible, what other book, what other person talks about the beauty of singleness? Sorry, I’m not amused or convinced. Yea yea, Jesus was single and so were a lot of others, but they definitely weren’t preaching against the other option (marriage).

Another thing that really yanks my chain, is that days after Valentines Day, tv commercials, pastors and people in general are still talking about it. Get over it people.

On top of all that, my mother has the nerve to get on the phone last night and tell me how badly she wants grandchildren. Can I find a freakin’ man first? Geez. Talk about pressure.

You know, in the secular world its normal to be single and embrace it, love it even, until your almost 30. In this joyous Christian society, if your 24 almost 25, it’s like your eggs are gonna freakin’ rot or something. Thanks Jesus freaks, for making me feel like a big loser.

The sad part is that if I wasn’t surrounded on a daily basis with married and pregnant people, it seriously wouldn’t bother me, but lately I feel like I’m saturated with it and I don’t love it.

I’m really not bitter, I promise. ;)

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