30 August 2010

I suck at blogging

Not that anyone actually reads this, but I was recently given some blog exposure on the Facebook page of this super awesome band, Lovers and Liars. If you don't "like" them, you should. They are "tall girl friendly." heh. I was also notified by @Sunnybranste that I'm waaaay due for a post. So...here we are! Ok, back to me.

It looks like I haven't posted on here since March. In honor of being a crappy blogger, I thought a poem/apology was the obvious next move....obviously.

I Suck at Blogging
By: Meg B

A poet I'm not,
and a blogger neither,
that is clear because
I don't update either.

A site for poems
and a sight for thought,
my lack of inspiration
leaves my fans in distraught.

An excuse you ask?
One I do not have,
Laziness and boys
have kept me off task.

So to you, I'm sorry.
Improve, yes I will.
I'll do better with the blog,
I promise to fulfill.

The poems however,
this may be it,
Let's be real here,
they aren't a good fit.

It's the end of the month,
I will post again soon.
Leave me a comment,
compliment and swoon.

The end.

My sorry face.


Koree said...

haha. i came across your blog via becca. i love this post. it made me laugh out loud, and get strange looks from people at work.

Meg B said...

I have a fan!!! LOL- thanks, Koree! :)


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