16 February 2011

A Treat For Your Lips!


First order of business is for me to apologize for not posting in a while.  I've been on this PACKERS WINNING THE SUPERBOWL high and I couldn't focus on much else.  :)

I have a treat to share with you though!  I found this new lipstick by
 It's pretty much amazing.  I've been using Skinny Dip.  It's their silky finish (there's also a full finish). 
photo courtesy of sephora.com
You can find it at Sephora.com for $18 bucks.  So worth it.  Some other fun colors are Jingaling and Nice Nickers.  Enjoy!

One other item from Sephora I'm in love with for your juicey lips, is the Matte Lipsurgence Lipstain by:
My favorite color to wear is a nude color called Exposed.  What I love most about this stain is that it's not a marker like those gross one's from Mabelline or Covergirl.  It's more like a lipstick that lasts longer. 
photo courtesy of sephora.com
Enjoy!  :)


Jennie said...

First and foremost, I really like your blog layout! I'm trying to find a plain white one, but I'm easily distracted, soooo it hasn't happened yet.

2. I really wish that I bought expensive make up and was classy like that. But the thing is I am a drug store make up slut. And cheap. And probably not very classy.

3. Can I say that I LOVE that you hate the Rachel/Finn relationship too?!???? Seriously, I just kind of want Rachel to be unhappy for forever. Really, though.

4. On the Gleek note, I HATE the name "Finnchel". It's about the dumbest couple name I ever heard.

Meg B said...

Drug store makeup slut? ha! too funny! And I can totally relate. However, I got to the point where I was spending so much on colors I didn't end up liking, that I decided to crossover to the expensive side and "try before I buy." LOL

Finnchel? Lame. Glad we agree. And thanks for the compliment on my blog! I'm still torn...


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