31 March 2011

Trip "down under" memory lane...

3 of my favorite things in life happen to be basketball, my best friend, and Australia.  How lucky am I that I've gotten to combine these 3 things not once, but twice!

How you ask?  Well let me tell you! 

In 2005 (my senior year of college), and in 2007, I was invited to represent the United States in an international basketball tournament in Darwin, Australia.  It just so happens that my biff was invited to the same!

This olympic type tournament is every 2 years and it's called the Arafura Games.  Over 30 countries come from around the world to compete in 20 athletic competitions.  The experience was pretty much amazing.

Team USA won the gold medal in 2005 and the silver in 2007.  Holler 

Guess what time it is?  PHOTO TIME!

The Biff, Me, and our friend and teammate, Lynsay

Jock.  A pretty awesome bloke!  He was part of the Australian Defense Force Men's team 

This was the dreamy Aussie I met in '05.  We dated briefly but at the end of the day, dude lives in Australia.

Damo!  Probably the best Aussie I know.  He was a ref and we've been great friends ever since.  Just wish he lived closer!

In '07 I missed the flight with my team and had to make the trip alone.  I had a layover in Alice Springs.  Straight up outback!  Beautiful country!

Snorkling with my biff in the Great Barrier Reef with the Biff!

These Sheilas rock my life!  They played on the Women's ADF team. 
 I really do hope to make it back over there some day.  With the 2011 games coming up this spring, I've been thinking about those trips a lot lately.

This isn't the first time I've blogged about Australia and certainly won't be the last! 

To all my aussie peeps (yes, I just said peeps), I miss you! 

Until we meet again...

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Sunny said...

I remember both those girls!! Thats sooo awesome you got to combine your faves, I totally love when stuff like that happens.


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