12 September 2007

Awkward Situation

I've decided (and I'm sure there are others that had this epiphany way before me) that riding in an elevator has got to be the most socially awkward situation to be in. Think about it. You are in an elevator for no more than 30 seconds and yet I find people (myself included) feeling obligated to spark some type of short, meaningless conversation. No one really cares what I'm saying and honestly I don't care either! I would prefer silence, but then there's the awkward silence factor. To talk or not to talk, that is the question. I even find myself walking slower at work when there is someone in front of me heading towards elevator to avoid this predicament.

Here's your official unofficial guide to pointless elevator conversation starters:
  • weather
  • your being lazy for not taking the stairs
  • how you're doing today (everyone genuinely cares, trust me)
  • what day of the week it is
  • how much you can't wait for Friday
  • what floor you work
  • introduce yourself (just in case you meet again)
  • the lunch menu in the cafeteria
  • comment on how strong someone's perfume is
  • your job title and who you work for
  • Oh and don't forget the "sincere" chuckle at theirs and your attempt to be funny for this short ride
Yep, this all sounds pretty silly I'm sure.  But...you're welcome.

Solution? Take the stairs.

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