19 September 2007

Babies and Troops...random mix dontcha think?

Avoid those pesky telemarketers HERE.

So my cousin and his wife welcomed their first child into the world yesterday... Justus James Davis.

I love him already!

da da daaaaa! ON TO THE SOLDIERS...
Check this link out when you get a chance: http://agmilitary.blogspot.com/
It's a great way to offer some encouraging words to the troops and chaplains and let them know you are thinking/praying for them. To the 1.5 people that read this blog...pass it along! :)

♥ New artist I'm diggin': Colbie Caillat
Food I'm craving at this very second: M&M cookie vanilla icecream sandwich. mmmm!
Word I can't stop saying: "Sassy!"
My new random favorite thing: My new purple (egg plant) Avon eyeshadow. la la love it!


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