11 March 2010

Favorite Things

So I've come across some news favorite things in the past couple months. It would be a complete injustice NOT to share! :)

Heeeeeere we go...

#1- Super Model Perfume from Victoria's Secret. Not gonna lie, wearing it puts a little extra strut in my step. ha.

#2- Tuscan Salad from Houlihan's. For anyone that knows me,
I hate salad. So it says alot that I found one that totally excites me! The goat cheese mixed in with the beans, tomatoes and creative presentation are to die for!

#3- Etsy.com. This website rocks! Anything creative you could possibly want to wear, decorate, give away as gifts, etc... is found here. People submit their handmade creations. If your into that vintage, indy, chic style, this site is perfect.

#4- The music of Missy Higgins. She is my absolute favorite and the first Aussie chick of two to make this list. If your into indie folk music, you will love her. I once drove 9 hours to hear her in concert. I love her so much, I dedicated a whole post to her. Check it out here.

#5- Suave's Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner. It smells just like Aveda and works almost as good for more than half the price. If your on a budget but love the higher end products, this is a great compromise.

#6- The name DEXTER. I just dig it. :)

#7- The YouTube blog of Natalie Tran. It's called Community Channel. She is this darling Aussie chick with the perfect combo of wit, sarcasm and charm that makes her one of the most viewed online. Seriously hilarious. You gotta check her out.

#8- Last one on the list for now- Maxwell House Vanilla Caramel Latte instant coffee. It actually FOAMS! Great fix when you can't get to Starbucks at work. I'm telling you, it's all about the foam.

Welp, there she blows. What are some of YOUR favorite things right now??

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