04 November 2010

Wanted: A Thing

I need a "thing." Everyone has their thing. You know, something you are so passionate about that you can't not talk about it? Whether it's photography or fashion or ministry or underwater basket weaving, it's seems like everyone has one. Everyone but me. What do you do when you've lost your thing?

My thing used to be basketball. It defined me for 10 years of my life. From middle school to high school college and then competing overseas, I was "the jock." Now- I've tried the coaching "thing" (not for me) and there's not really an outlet for me to be a part of it anymore. No leagues for women or my only other option is open gym's once a week with old men who don't know how to play. Plus, I'm definitely NOT in the shape I used to be in.

So now what?

I've seen people get really into their blogs, which is awesome- but with 5 1/2 followers, I'm definitely not there yet. Photography is appealing to me, but I don't even know where to begin. Instruments? Kick boxing? Community service?  I don't know.

Any suggestions? C'mon, help this tall girl find her "thing."


Koree said...

aww :( maybe you should try the springfield roller derby!!

MerelyHolli said...

6 1/2 readers. I read your blog!
I think you would make an excellent comedian. I laugh at all your blog posts

Meg B said...

Awww, thanks Hol! As for the roller derby- maybe watching not participating. haha- I'm tall, but a HUGE wus. :)


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