18 November 2010

The 5 People You Meet at the Gym

The following are based on my own observations from hitting the gym. Take a guess as to which one I am. heh.

#1 The Beauty Queen - She's in perfect shape and knows it. Her make-up gets fully applied before coming to the gym. No matter where she shops for her work out gear, she can't find spandex small enough for her tight little rump. Hair is long and flowing and never manages to get put in a pony tail because pony tails aren't hot. Elliptical dweller.

#2 The Meat-head - Definitely taking the roids. Muscles are huge and doesn't believe in T-shirts with sleeves. Tanning beds are his best friend and he has no shame blatantly looking you up and down as you walk by. Grunting while lifting is a must.

#3 The Marathon Runner - They hog the treadmills for hours and put all the walkers to shame. Always have the coolest and latest running shoes, shorts and shirts always match and the Nalgene water-bottle proudly sport the "26.2" sticker.

#4 The Quick Fixer - They want to get fit, but don't want to do the work. Short attention spans causes them to try out every machine for about 2 minutes each. Sketcher easy tones shoes are must for cutting corners. The bigger the sole the better. They talk to everyone because focusing on exercise is not a priority. Surely just being at the gym makes them thinner.

#5 The One Track Minder - Probably were in shape at one point in their lives but those days are gone. Goes to the gym because they have to, not because they want to. Social interaction is not a priority which limits facial expressions to anything but inviting. Headphones stay on at all times and as soon as they are done with the task at hand, they are outta there...probably will grab a pizza on the way home!

Which are you?? Did I miss one?


Koree said...

This made me laugh.
And im a mix between four and five! Haha

Dan said...

I wish I were somewhere between two and three. Would like the muscle (leave out the grunting). I do wear shirts with sleeves. I have no need of a tanning bed. Would like to run but not be a skinny lightweight runner. Would love the endurance though. Other than that, I don't think I FIT in any one of the categories. Love the post!

jLar. said...


Hey, I'm just some random hit on your blog-- actually I'm thinking about changing my URL of my blog and I was just typing in different domain names, so I typed in thatonetallgirl.blogspot.com, and it was TAKEN!! So I was annoyed because usually when that happens the blog was last updated in like 2005, but your was updated like three days ago! And it's funny! So I'm following.

PS I find that you are very correct when it comes to the gym people you meet. I feel like I am the last one.... Ha! I hate working out.

<*a href="jennielarson09.blogspot.com">Love, Jennie<*/a>

Libby said...

I guess the fact that I'm currently drinking out of my Nalgene bottle that's proudly sporting my 26.2 sticker, and thinking about the 1/2 marathon I'm running this Sunday would make me #3.

Ashley {A Cat in Gloves} said...

HA - love it. It's seriously a universal creep show sometimes.


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