01 August 2011

Top seven reasons I would never wanna be the bachelorette

1. They say the camera adds 10 lbs. Enough said. 

2. When you turn anything into a competition for guys, they want to WIN. Even if they don't care about the prize,  it's about WINNING the competition. Insert insecurities now. Did I mention guys like to win?!!  (Well, i mean all guys except the Chicago Cubs). 

3.  I don't think ABC could find 25 guys to meet my height requirements. "This season on the first ever Giant Bachelorette..." 

4.  It's all bubbles and puppies till the cameras are off. Of course I'm gonna be super awesome the 5 minutes that  Prince Charming and I are together before we decide we are in love. But what about when real life hits and you find out that sometimes I don't wear makeup and that I actually prefer basketball shorts over booty shorts?! 

5.  My mom still thinks I don't kiss boys. I'd hate for her to find out on national television because of course I'd have to try every flavor... That's what the bachelorette does, right? Duh. 

6.  The idea of them dropping me off 50 ft away from my date just so I could dramatically run to him is just silly. I wouldn't do it. They'd probably end up firing me and going back to short girls who think frolicking is cute. 

7. My friends would make fun of me. 

So in the meantime... "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will grant you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4


Scarlett said...

HAHAHA. This makes me laugh sooooo hard. I completely agree (although I still watch the show every week) I simply could NOT be the Bachelorette. :) :)

TheRISH45 said...

This was funny minus the shot at the Cubs. I am sure that was for my benefit. If you could please write a blog on the last time the Brewers won the World Series that would be great. I know it would be a blank blog just like the one for Wisconsin football and basketball. Just for that I hope you get stuck with a short person.


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