25 August 2011

Hot Quarterback Highlight- 2011 Edition

It's that time again!  My picks for the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL this season.  In case you missed it or want to compare, here's 2010 and 2009's list.

Let's not waste time with words, bring on the HUNKS! (Oh and don't forget to vote for your favorite to the right)

#5  Tim Tebow,

Denver Broncos
Height:  6'3
Meg B's comments:  The first of 2 QB's from Denver this year, Tebow loves Jesus and isn't afraid to let people know it.  That alone makes him that much more attractive and definitely worthy of this list!

Andy Dalton, #14
Cincinnati Bengals
Height: 6'2

Meg B's comments:  Well, I'm not happy that Andy lead TCU to a victory over my Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl this past year, but I am happy that I get to watch his handsome-self play in the NFL this year!

Christian Ponder, #7
Minnesota Vikings
Height:  6'2
Meg B's comments:  This hottie of a gem was found by chance.  But my oh my, I'm glad I did.  For a guy replacing Brett Favre, you def have what it takes Christian!

Brady Quinn, #9
Denver Broncos
Height:  6'3
Meg B's comments:  Man, Denver sure knew what they were doing this year with sexy QB's.  If their colors weren't orange and blue (to remind me of my home-team's rival), I might consider rocking those colors in support of these yummy athletes!

And finally....without further ado....as if you didn't know this one was coming.....

#1 on our list....
Aaron "SuperBowl Champion" Rodgers, #12
Reigning World Champions, The Green Bay Packers
Height:  6'2

 Meg B's comments:  No doubt, a Superbowl ring from your home team's quarterback is definitely worthy of being the hottest on this year's list (That manly scruffy face doesn't hurt either!)  Keep up the good work Aaron, can't wait for ring #2 this year.

Let the games begin!

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