09 September 2010

Hot Quarterback Highlight - 2010 Edition

In honor of the first NFL game of the season on tv tonight, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to debut my pick of this year's hottest quarterbacks.

You're welcome ladies.

If you missed the 2009 Hot Quarterback Highlight, check it out here.

Ready? Me too!

Number Five:

Aaron Rodgers, #12
Green Bay Packers
Height: 6'2
Meg B's comments: He may not be the "hottest" in the league, but there's no way I could leave off my own team's QB!

Number Four:

Matt Cassel, #7
Kansas City Chiefs
Height: 6'4
Meg B's comments: Not because he's the qb of my bff and my bf's favorite team, Cassel made this list all by his hot self!

Number Three:

THE Brett Favre, #4
Minnesota Vikings
Height: 6'2
(Brett came in at #1 on the list last year. However, as he is now a grandpa, a little bit of hotness was lost. Is though, and will forever be, my one true love).

Number Two:

Trent Edwards
, #5
Buffalo Bills
Height: 6'4
Meg B's comments: There are no words. This is one hunk of man. *sigh*

Number One:

Matt Leinart, #9
Houston Texans
Height: 6'5
Meg B's comments: "Oh baby. Oh baby. Enough said."

So many pics to choose from, I just couldn't leave you with only one of this fine speciman. How did I not know about him sooner? Oh yea, Brett Favre wasn't a grandpaw last year.

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