01 September 2010

A Post About Nothing Important...

Purple. I don't like it. Probably my least favorite color. In fact, you won't find any purple in my apartment and very rarely in my wardrobe. However, small problem. It happens to be one of my boyfriend's favorite colors.
How cute is he!!???

He is a die-hard Kansas State fan and with their first football game of the season approaching this weekend, naturally my next move was to search for "likeable" purple things. LOL- I warned you this was about nothing important.
Here we go!
1. The first obvious choice is Welch's Grape Juice. Delicious. Enough said.
2. A noble honor- The Purple Heart.

3. Purple Rain by Prince. You're welcome.

4. Grimmace from McDonald's. He was the tall one. How could I not like him?

5. The Color Purple. Good enough for Oprah? Good enough for this tall girl.

6. Sports teams I must cheer for due to my friends coaching sports there. Because after all, I'm a GREAT friend.

OK- that's about all the purple I can take for one day. What are some other things that should make me like the color?

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