17 December 2010


So I used to have looooooong hair.  Looooooong beautiful hair.  

I had always wanted to do a "long bob," And then due to a few life changing events,  I decided life is too short and to go for it.  This is the shortest I've EVER had my hair (Even shorter in the back).

PS that's me and my boyfriend, country singer, Phil Vassar.  
Heh.  Excuse the goofy "mid-sentence face." 
Well- it was fun while it lasted, but I desperately miss my long hair, so I've been growing it out since.

Yesterday I got a haircut.  Not so much to cut length, but more so style.  It might be the BEST haircut I've ever gotten.  No joke.  Aaaaand, it was my first DUDE haircut.  I told him he better not screw up.

And baby!  He didn't.  LOVE it. 

Still a long way to go, but it's getting there! 

Hey.  Have a GREAT weekend.  

The boyfriend and I are doing Christmas in Kansas tonight.  Can't wait to give him his prezzies! 


Sunny said...

You do have really nice hair! I like it long and short!

Meg B said...

thanks! :)


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