06 December 2010

Music Monday- GLEE!

I've kinda sucked lately on consistently blogging.  I know I promised I would do better at posting, but alas, I've failed you.  LOL  Like you care, right?

Anyhoo- My name is Megan.  It's Monday.  I like Music.  They all start with 'M,' so....it's time to share!

For all you Glee fans out there or just Christmas music lovers in general (I'm a new Gleek), you HAVE to check out their Christmas album.  It totally rocks.

I've been a bit of a scrooge the past couple of years, what are something other EXCELLENT Christmas albums?  Do tell!  The masses are waiting!  ;)  

P.S. I just ate some skittles.  I forget how much I love them.  Seriously, it's like a rainbow party in my mouth.


Koree said...

ah! becca shared this cd with me yesterday and i can't wait to listen to it! SO excited!

Meg B said...

Oooooh hope you liked it! :)


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