10 December 2010

Long Overdue Thanksgiving Pics

So the 'rents came down for Thanksgiving.  They haven't made the trek down here (9 hours) in over a year.  Needless to say, I was beginning to think they didn't love me anymore.  Heh.  Only thing missing was the brother (I know, ladies.  WINK). BTW he's in a band called Rolling Fourth.  If you like hillbilly, punk, rock, ska (lol- hard to define the awesomeness)- check it out here.

Mom decorated the dining room and made quite a feast.  I, proudly, peeled the potatoes for mashing.  Heh.

Here's some pics:

I'm definitely thankful for my awesome fam.


Sunny said...

Your mom looks like she is tall too. LOVE THE PICS. looks like you had a great thanksgiving!!

Meg B said...

we are a tall family! mom 5'10, me 6'0, dad 6'4 and bro 6'5. whoa baby. lol

Sunny said...

WOW. that really is a tall family!!!


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