15 December 2010

Yes, Please!


Holy crap.  Christmas is next week!  Can't wait to go home and see the fam.

Here's a couple things I asked for:

A pair of Tom's Shoes.  For every pair that's purchased,
they donate a pair to a child in need.  So awesome.

Z Palette.  This thing rocks.  It's magnetic to combine all your
favorite eyeshadow/blushes from any brand. 

Urban Ammo eyeshadow from Urban Decay.
Seriously this palette is GORGEOUS.

This book looks so fun.  Def check it out! 

 OOoh, and I want a GPS.  I get lost WAY too much.

On a completely different note....I got summoned for JURY DUTY!  Suck, right??  No way!  I'm super stoked.  

OOOOooooh and one more thing!  I won a contest on the Paperdoll Romance blog.  Saaaweeeet!  You should check it out.  They rock.... and not just because they give me stuff.  Heh.

1 comment:

Sunny said...

I like all of these things except Jury Duty. I was summoned in 09 but was never picked! I bought this eye shadow pallet at Target. It's some holiday colors, metallic and sparkly black. I LOVE THEM. That magnetic one looks cool!


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